Katja Lind Boysen

With a varied experience from an active business life in the areas of media and web, I have a wide range of know-how, not only on the technical side of things but also things like project management, customer service and the art of solving unforeseen obstacles (read: disasters ;)) with a lack of reasonable panic.

In addition, I love new knowledge and to combine said knowledge in a creative way. Thid has given me the conviction that there does not exist many problems, in both my chosen disciplines as well as in general, that can not be crushed into obedience with little alternative thinking.

It was this way of thinking that resulted in a shift from being educated as a film and TV production technician to training as a web integrator in order to combine both in the then still new online streaming / media area of the Internet.

In these pages, I present not only the basic outline of what I’ve worked with, but also what I know in a series of basic tutorial articles, I hope I can help make some of the mysteries surrounding both areas of work a bit more approachable for those not “in the know”.

Katja Lind Boysen

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